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Fluor Certified Welding Inspector in Lima, Ohio

Job Description:

• Become familiar with Stork and client welding specifications and welding requirements.

• Conduct work in a manner that adheres to Fluor and client policies and procedures in a safe manner for employee and all others.

• Develop a system to identify, document and report nonconformance findings.

• Develop a system to receive and maintain current welder qualifications and certifications for the site.

• Interpret drawings and other documents.

• Verify that the welding equipment to be used for the work is in satisfactory working condition. Assist site technical safety personnel and craft workers with using the latest approved welding, brazing and thermal cutting safety practices.

• Ensure that welding is performed by welders qualified for the scope of work and in accordance with the applicable procedure.

• Witness and/or conduct performance testing of welders, or supervise these activities when performed by outside agencies. Document performance qualification test results.

• Require the requalification of a welder when the welder’s work does not conform to the construction code/standard or specification, as applicable; or if his/her qualification(s) expire.

• Inspect weld joint preparations and fit-up to ensure welding specifications are met.

• Ensure that welding filler materials are properly identified and maintained.

• Verify that the quality of the work conforms to the construction code/standard or specification, as applicable.

• Conduct / ensure that the required inspections and nondestructive examinations have been performed by qualified personnel, and in the specified manner.

• Prepare clean and concise quality status reports with respect to welding activities, inspections and tests.

• As required, be involved with Welding Engineering for assistance in defining special welding requirements on projects requiring their level of expertise.

• Participate in pre-construction planning and project meetings as requested so you will have a working knowledge of the projects.

• Plan and organize work assignments, as well as carry out tasks from management staff

• Participate in pre-construction planning and project meetings as requested to gain working knowledge of the projects.

• Gathering information from EI packages, and project planners to determine the required inspections. Help the planner’s estimate the cost and schedule to meet the inspection requirements.

• Develop a system to manage welding equipment and consumables. Ensuring equipment meets calibration requirements, correct gasses are being used and all consumables are stored properly.

• Inspect fabrication areas and ensure they meet the safety and quality standards for the site

• Monitor the work in the field. Make frequent daily walks in the field to review, monitor, and evaluate the contractor’s progress, performance, and compliance to quality standards, site safety rules, specific requirements, and procedures and the client’s approved scope of work.

• At the end of each project, coordinate with document control to create a construction turnover manual that includes all appropriate data.

• Assist with sub-contract management as needed or required.

Job ID: 126114BR

City: Lima

State: Ohio

Country: United States

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