Fluor High Voltage Electrician in Jacksonville, Florida

Job Description:

Performs duties described in the Service Contract Act Service Order High Voltage Electrician Line Maintainer. May perform duties of other classifications that have a pay rate equal to or lower than the employee's current rate.

Essential Functions:

Must be knowledgeable and proficient in all of the following areas:

a.All electrical principles, electric systems, substations, transmissions, and distribution circuits

b.All types of pole structures, locating and staking lines (unloading, hauling, setting, and guying of poles)

c.All types of insulators, line conductors, transformers, lightning and surge protection, fuses, switches, voltage regulator (stringing, joining, and sagging, line conductors) (Line-line maintenance with hot sticks and insulated aerial platforms), (testing of hot sticks, gloves, High Voltage cables, and line maintenance trucks)

d.All grounding, protective grounding, street, perimeter, security, and recreational underground distribution, tree trimming, and distribution transformer installation

e.Electrical drawing symbols, single-line diagrams, schematic diagrams, voltage regulation, electrical formulas and calculations

f.Maintenance of transmission and distribution lines (ropes, knots, splices, rigging and gear) climbing of poles, pole-top and bucket truck rescue.

Marginal Functions:

•Performs other duties as requested.

Job ID: 105198BR

City: Jacksonville

State: Florida

Country: United States

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