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Fluor Project Manager - Power Generation in Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Job Description:

Serves as operating management of client's Power Operations. Participates as a lead in strategic planning and budget processes and proactively contributes to the establishment of strategic goals for the company. Actively participates as a member of the client's management and leadership team by working closely with and efficiently integrating the work processes and activities of the customer.

Specific attention should be focused on the improvement of operational efficiencies, reduction of costs, enhanced operating, engineering and construction relations, and delivery of excellent customer service. Responsible for leading and directing key functions of capital and operations & maintenance projects,

• financial and feasibility analysis

• engineering, design and constructability review

• project operational review and negotiations

• Leads and manages HL generation team, consisting of 42 diesel units located at PPA, PPB and PPC. Staffed with approximately 100 People

• Leads and manages the transmission & distribution operation and maintenance team responsible for the 60 Hz system from the portsite to thru the HL areas including underground, also includes the LL 50 Hz system. Staffed with approximately 75 people

• All 230kV Switch yards including the Coal Plant 230kV yard, Ridge camp substation, PPC 230kV yard and PPC 115kV yard. Including all equipment and structures in these yards and substations. This includes Breakers, protection equipment, Surge arrestors, Insulators and bushings, monitoring equipment, supporting structures footings fencing, drainage and grounding systems etc.

• All 115kV transmission lines from PPC switch yard. Including all equipment in these yards and substations. This includes Breakers, protection equipment, Surge arrestors, Insulators and bushings, monitoring equipment supporting structures, guy wires, footings, fencing, and grounding systems etc.

• All 115kV lines from PPC switch yard – including Palm and Heat Road lines, Palm and Heat Road, Concentrator #4 lines, Sub C South line and line from Sub C South to AMOLE sub. This includes poles and towers – including all electrical hardware such as surge arrestors, insulators, conductor, pole and tower structures, grounds and footings etc.

• Sub C south GIS, cables, structures, air conditioning, UPS’s, building etc.

• AMOLE Substation – including all Transformers, Cables and support structures, GIS equipment, Breakers, measurement and protection equipment as well as all related structures – including the building. Responsibility extends up to the output of the 13.8kV Switch gear. The 34.5kV cables and support structures leaving the AMOLE Sub and going underground as the Electrical Back Bone (EBB) are part of the HL Managers responsibility.

• The Underground Electrical Back Bone (EBB) Substations at DMLZ and GBC are part of the HL Managers responsibility – up to and including the output terminals of the 13.8kV feeder circuit breakers. This includes the 34.5kV to 13.8kV transformers as well as the E-house buildings and associated air conditioners

• The 13.8KV distribution systems in the Highlands – including all associated poles wires insulators surge arrestors, associated grounds, load break switches, fuses and associated protection systems. Also covers all 13.8kV underground cables in the HL.

• All 20kV distribution systems in the Low Lands form the output of the Power station feeder circuit breakers in LIP and Base Camp power stations. Including the tie line between LIP Power Plant and Base Camp power plant.

• Leads and manages the system control and data acquisition (SCADA) team responsible for dispatching switching and control of the electrical system. Staffed with approximately 16 people.

• Develops, reviews and controls operating and maintenance plans and budgets for the direct area of responsibility.

• Reports to senior management and client personnel problems, which may or are affecting the system electrical supply.

• Manages direct reports of group superintendents, engineers and project support personnel. Total of approximately 200 people.

• Acts as lead in negotiating and managing major construction, professional services, material, and equipment contracts.

• Acts as primary interface with operational staff and participant owners.

• Reviews and reports on system events. Leads and / or participates in root cause analysis, implements improvements associated with these analyses.

• Drives continuous improvement actions within the area of responsibility.

• Ensures all requirements and regulations, including permits, Safety, Health and Environmental laws are followed in the execution of projects

• Manages projects in HL group area from start to completion, Develops, reviews, and maintains project schedule, budget, and performance criteria.

• In the absence of the general manager or other key operational managers, assumes their roles and responsibilities to maintain company activities and performance results.

Job ID: 126514BR

City: Irian Jaya

State: Papua

Country: Indonesia

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