Associate IT Operations Specialist I

Greenville, SC

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Job Description:

• NUAVS Admin

o Managing Mailbox – Review the mailbox each day for issues with delivery failures and troubleshoot the issues. Also, respond to users emailing with questions or issues in a timely manner. This includes issues with using the NAUVS app to extend accounts or issues with changing passwords and the password change utility tool online.

o Managing NUAVS Application – Check the Admin Queue for issues with account records not having a manager, company, or email assigned and resolve those issues. Also check for managers who have marked users as “misassigned” and research the correct manager for those users ensuring they are updated in the appropriate locations. Verify email notifications are being sent out and the application is working appropriately. If not, coordinate with IT Applications to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

o Troubleshooting Issues – Collaborate with Project Automation and IT Applications on issues that arise surrounding the NUAVS application and other supporting apps to troubleshoot and resolve issues that arise.

o App Improvement and Testing – Collaborate with IT Applications to implement and test improvements and fixes to the application.

• Shipping

o FedEx domestic – Coordinate with Deskside and PA to ship or return IT equipment to/from project, office, or residential locations.

o Imports – Coordinate with Deskside, PA, Trade Compliance, and Logistics to return IT equipment from project locations. Prepare customs documentation in accordance with Federal Trade Compliance rules and regulations.

o Exports - Coordinating with Deskside, PA, Trade Compliance, and Logistics to ship IT equipment from project locations. Prepare customs documentation in accordance with Federal Trade Compliance rules and regulations.

o Tracking – Keep a record of all shipments, domestic and international, to ensure packages are delivered. If packages are not delivered, investigate why they were not delivered and work to resolve the issues.

o Filing claims – In the event that a shipment or package is missing, work with the shipping company to file a claim on the items, and ship replacement items to the location.

• Practice Management

o Ensure corporate practices are loaded into EMPORTS when new revisions are available or when it has been 2 years since FMS has read the practice.

o Assist I&O practice owners in submitting new or revised practices to S&P for review and publication.

• RSAM Controls

o Control Tests – Execute the Control Tests identified below according to the assigned frequency and Test Procedures. Maintain, and improve where possible, the Test Procedures and Evidence Files by working collaboratively with GRC to understand and document what needs to be preserved as evidence of execution, without incorporating extra work.

o Review Mission Solutions Withdrawn Users to Confirm Removal of Access to Mission Solutions Information and IT Resources - Annually

o Review ServiceNow Authorized Requesters (ARs) for Alignments with PTC Training Assignments - Annually

o Review and Validate Enterprise Help Desk VIP Lists – Quarterly; recently developed a new Test Procedure due to ServiceNow implementation in Mission Solutions & Corporate

o POAMS – Create and execute POAMs, when needed, to remedy issues in processes or data that arise when executing Control Tests; created and resolved six POAMs since October.

• Supply Orders

o Coordinate the order of supplies for the I&O department with the Procurement department.

• Other duties as assigned.

Job ID: 144974BR

City: Greenville

State: South Carolina

Country: United States

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