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Fluor MOS 35T (Military Intel Specialized Maintenance) in CA, Texas

Job Description:

This position is for a fair opportunity proposal request

Locations: Military Installations CA, TX, MD & GA

Supervise, leads and trains teams of MI system maintainers/integrators.Employ diagnoses and corrects malfunctions in MI systems. Protects intelligencenetworks and analyzes networks to develop detailed network maps in supportof intelligence operations. Extract digital intelligence from internetresearch, various computer network protocols and databases. Reconstructsnetwork infrastructures, defines component functionalities, performs networkmapping, perform vulnerability analysis and evaluation of networks insupport to computer network operations. Perform quality control of maintenancedocuments. Perform critical alignment and calibration procedures on MIsystems. Supervise the integration, configuration and maintenance of anintelligence network. Supervise the operation and proper use of TMDE.Maintain the maintenance facility technical library.

Job ID: 124668BR

City: CA, TX, MD, GA

State: *TBD

Country: United States

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