Construction Supervisor

Brown Summit, NC

At Fluor, we are proud to design and build projects and careers. This requires teams that are as unique as the projects we execute. We are committed to fostering a work environment that embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) for all so our employees and stakeholders benefit from the creative solutions derived as a result of embracing differences.

Job Description:

• Work with the Program Manager and Area Lead Construction Manager to provide the following:

i. Work with the project team to develop overall project sourcing and execution strategy.

ii. Work with Area Lead Construction Manager to develop and execute sourcing plan & BVOA’s for project. Know and understand the sourcing plans for your projects.

iii. Participate in all Partner Selection Activities

iv. Assist with set-up and organize Project Kick-Offs & CDS Sessions as required.

v. Work with Project Core Team to establish the agenda, goals and timing of sessions.

vi. Ensure that the development of the conceptual scope of work during the FEE (Front End Engineering) stage is fully supported.

vii. Work with construction vendors to document all base scope blocks during FEE that will be used as a basis for each vendors Target Value Estimate.

viii. Support project teams in optimizing projects by identifying and removing waste and adding value to the projects through Lean Construction practices.

ix. Work with the project team to develop a master schedule using the Last Planner System.

• Work closely with our customers as well as our engineering and construction partners to drive out high-quality, cost-effective designs that enable high value, low cost construction driving savings and shared profit for all.

• Review engineering documents, vendor information and final design EI packages as needed with the client, design engineers and others to provide constructability during all phases of the project.

• Coordinate with the appropriate trade partner supervisor to review, walk down and communicate the scope of work.

• Ensure that you fully understand the scope of work from initial conception to construction completion.

• Attend team meetings requiring your input. Examples include:

i. Pre-bid meetings

ii. Bid-award meetings

iii. Project Daily Huddles

iv. CDS’s

v. Project Weekly Execution Meetings

vi. Target Value Design Reviews

• Project Cost Requirements:

i. Work with Area Lead Construction Manager and the Program Manager determine the estimate structure requirements for your projects.

ii. Develop Cost Estimate:

(1) This may include working with trade partners to establish scope and associated costs.

(a) The cost of performing work item tasks should represent, as closely as possible, the scope of work to be performed as identified in Engineering Information and other supporting documents.

• Planners will validate all cost estimates to ensure all scope is represented, cost accounted for & grouping is accurate prior to it being considered final.

i. All estimate line items will require supporting data, maintain files associated to cost estimates properly.

ii. Work with your Planning team in ensuring this validation process is completed for all applicable scopes.

  1. Participate in estimate reviews and provide construction input to each line item in the cost estimates.

  2. Ensure you are familiar with the final estimate that will provide the budget in the project tracker.

• Technically evaluate quotes and bids from trade partners and suppliers with Procurement, Project Controls, Client PM/Tech and Client Auditing personnel.

• All quotes must be validated back to the original cost estimate that backs up the project budget.

  1. Lead and support project teams in the identification of changes in scope or unexpected field conditions and ensuring proper change management is supported and followed.

• Document all scope changes on a change order prior to the work being performed.

• Coordinate with procurement/project controls to generate & complete an accurate Request for Action (RFA). The information should be provided to procurement/project controls in a timely manner.

• Get proper approval for all RFA’s and change orders prior to beginning work.

• Once work is completed, initiate closeout requests of all applicable S.O.V. lines / contracts.

  1. Understand & Participate in Last Planner scheduling.

  2. Work with the project team to develop the QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) plan and verify on-going monitoring.

  3. Provide any applicable updates required for bi-weekly project reports.

  4. Support organization of the projects Win/Loss Metrics & ensure they are documented in Fluor’s O.C.S. (Operations Control System) with support from the assigned Project Program Manager or Area Lead Construction Manager.

  5. Stay informed of engineering documents, vendor information and final design deliverables as needed from the client, design engineers and construction during all phases of the project.

  6. During construction, the Area Lead Construction Manager is accountable to lead weekly execution meeting activities but may require support from Construction Planners as schedule or staffing needs require.

  7. Work with the project execution team to maintain accurate schedules using the Last Planner System.

  8. Participate in and Lead Daily Huddles as required.

• Once initiated the accountability to execute the Daily Huddles becomes the construction planner’s responsibility.

• At the end of each project participate in a “Learn from Experience” to capture learnings and additional wins and losses from the team to be used for continuous improvement in future project re-application.

  1. Develop construction turn over (CTO) packages.

• Lead the Coordination of construction activity completion with assigned craft(s).

• Prepare and track quality defects to ensure the readiness of system for release or turnover to the client for start-up.

• Prepare and track punch list and/or exception list to ensure the readiness of system for release or turnover to the client for start-up.

• Lead the development of turn-over and acceptance documentation with assigned craft(s) and project teams. Once completed upload all applicable documents per Site Construction Turnover Process.

• Maintain QA/QC reports throughout project and include them in the appropriate Turnover packages.

• Create a construction completion turnover package that includes all appropriate project data.

• Ensure that acceptance criteria is completed prior to turning project deliverables over to the client.

  1. Participate in Project Closing Debriefs with Client & Trade Partners if requested/required.

Job ID: 141679BR

City: Brown Summit

State: North Carolina

Country: United States

We are an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other criteria protected by governing law.